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The Dealmaker Ryan Otto & (TECH) SAVES £1.14M

“The Dealmaker” Ryan Otto & His Genius Software SAVES £1.14million per year

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In 2007, Ryan Otto was working on a joint venture project with a high profile investor who has been involved in the acquisition and disposal of flag-ship buildings of prime real estate in central London, and throughout Europe.

It was around this time that Ryan Otto and his discreet business partner decided to host property investment conferences in West London, in order to access more investment opportunities and create new business partnerships. To host a physical property investment conference in London, the costs associated amounted to in excess of £22,000 back in the mid 2000’s.

After a few successful conferences, Ryan Otto developed and reengineered his property investment conferences to be delivered remotely, to any PC or laptop with an internet connection.

The software that was built at the time by Ryan Otto’s team of off-shore programmers, cost in the region of £60,000 less than the cost of three live property investment conferences.

Regardless of the up-front investment, Ryan Otto was then able to successfully deliver one property investment conference in real-time per week, without leaving his villa in Valencia, Spain, and delivered the conferences over the internet, in shorts and tee shirt.

This genius piece of software Ryan Otto had created for less than £60,000 saved Ryan Otto over £22,000 on average x 52 conferences (if held at one property investment conference per week) amounting to an annual saving of £1,144,000.

After a short period of delivering a property investment conference over the internet each week, and even though he had saved over, at one point, £1M over the year by streaming his conferences over the internet, Ryan Otto was still not content…

You could say Ryan Otto is somewhat a meticulous perfectionist and tinker man similar to Claudio Ranieri, former Chelsea manager.

Ryan Otto would work meticulously on business development and developing the software using his programming skills learned from his studies at Brighton University and with his team of off-shore programmers, and took the software to a new space where nobody had even thought of was possible, let alone had the team or infrastructure to implement and deploy.

As Ryan Otto’s property business was gaining significant momentum and generating revenues of over a million pounds per year, Ryan Otto decided he didn’t want to be tied down to having to spend a whole day a week out of his busy internet lifestyle on the Med, to host and deliver his property investment conference.

As a result of Ryan Otto’s meticulousness and smart work, in 2010, Ryan Otto created a facility whereby his property investment conferences were streamed over the internet, in the exact same way when viewed by a client, however Ryan Otto had managed to pre-record the conference once, but stream the conference to a live audience which gave the appearance and benefits of the exact same live conference, but automated.

This genius technology, way ahead of its time meant Ryan Otto could stream an unlimited number of property investment conferences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, by being fully automated, enabling Ryan Otto to simply focus on funnelling traffic into the front end of the sales funnel, all without Ryan Otto even being present.

With a conversion ratio of up to 7.22%, this unique automated sales funnel, with an on demand delivery (personalised to the customer at that particular time, combined with delivering the most profitable property investment strategies during the recession) was responsible for skyrocketing Ryan Otto’s business from a six figure revenue , in the space of 19 weeks into a seven figure company.