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Ryan Otto offers £9m for Manchester City Footballers Home!

Ryan Otto offers £9m for Manchester City Footballers Home!

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Ryan Otto (back in 2008-2009) was deep in negotiations with his lawyers and the vendor’s lawyers over a multi-million pound estate in Old Audley Edge Cheshire. The owners and vendors were said to be Ex Premier League Manchester City player, and his wife a celebrity Designer.

Ryan Otto was aiming to secure his biggest property deal at the time that valued the acquisition in excess of £9M nine million pounds in today’s value. BWD was the developer Bilton Ward Developments owned by Ashley Ward, his wife Dawn Ward and business partner who’s also a high end Designer for Premier League footballer’s houses and the rich and famous. The deal was headed up by business woman Dawn Ward from BWD.

Our source has revealed that Ryan Otto and his lawyers were frequently travelling by chartered plane at the expense of the vendors over a period of 4 months, between London and Manchester.

During this period of economic instability and recession looming, Ryan Otto and his lawyers were unsuccessful in reaching a deal over the multi-million pound estate, with respect to the terms and the depreciating values of the estate every day in the current climate.

Our source has revealed that Ryan Otto was leveraging the depreciating aspect of falling further and further into recession in order to drive the values down to a lower price until the lowest point where the deal simply collapsed and all parties went their separate ways.

In hindsight if Ryan Otto would have been able to secure this estate at the lower price offered at the time as a final offer to sell, in the current climate Ryan Otto would have been set to profit from an appreciation in value from the bottom of the recession to the top of the current market today, and walk away with in excess of £3M three million pounds in gained equity.