Tuesday, 20/3/2018 | 7:29 UTC+0

Ryan Otto Before Real-Estate

Ryan Otto Before Investing in Prime London Real-Estate

Ryan Otto worked for a west London property developer where Ryan Otto learnt how to source, value and sell prime London real-estate.  This led to Ryan Otto’s first real-estate purchase as a teenager.

Ryan Otto leveraging the internet to exploit the gap in the market, set up a plastering company near Cambridge and within 9 gruelling months, Ryan Otto’s company employed 7 tradesmen and Ryan Otto was negotiating and closing tens of thousands of pounds of plastering contracts, which was unheard of at the time.

A flagship contract was a stud in Newmarket that was responsible for putting Ryan Otto’s company on the map in the area. Shortly after Ryan Otto sold the company for an undisclosed sum and the company is still profitable today.