Tuesday, 17/7/2018 | 7:08 UTC+1

Ryan Otto £1.4M in Venture Capital

Ryan Otto (Tech) Negotiates £1.4Million in Venture Capital

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For the last four years, Ryan Otto has invested time and money in a tech start-up company that is on course and estimated to be valued at in excess of £11 million pounds on completion of the current funding cycle.

Ryan Otto and the venture capitalists involved in this start-up predict that with the continued projected growth over the next 5-7 years, the company is on track to become one of the largest UK tech companies to be organically grown out of the UK. It is for this reason that Ryan Otto and the parties involved, have declined several buyout offers from blue chip companies overseas.

Nowadays, Ryan Otto focuses on prime central London real-estate. He has changed direction from employing numerous staff and purchasing numerous properties per month and may only acquire or dispose of 2-3 significant assets each year, as opposed to acquiring or disposing of 24+ properties per year, which has freed up Ryan Otto’s time enabling room for his tech company to grow and enables him to spend quality time with his family.