Friday, 19/1/2018 | 7:04 UTC+0
  • Ryan Otto (TECH) SAVES £1.14M

    Ryan Otto Genius Software SAVES £1.14million per year “My online reputation manager found this old press release on the internet from (2007), and decided to post it on my blog” Regards, In 2007, Ryan Otto was working on a joint venture project with a high profile investor who has been involved in the acquisition

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  • Ryan Otto £1.4M in Venture Capital

    Ryan Otto (Tech) Negotiates £1.4Million in Venture Capital   For the last four years, Ryan Otto has invested time and money in a tech start-up company that is on course and estimated to be valued at in excess of £11 million pounds on completion of the current funding cycle. Ryan Otto and the venture capitalists involved in this start-up predict that with

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