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The higher you climb in business and success, the more you are therefore exposed to public opinions and attacks by envious and narrow-minded individuals. Whoever is attempting to bring you down must be by definition, below you?

Therefore, I have dedicated this blog to put the rumours, false allegations, lies and conspiracies and prejudice against me in the public domain to bed once and for all.

These are the official answers by Ryan Otto to the (cut and pasted) rumours, false allegations, lies and conspiracies published in the media.


WARNING: Ryan Otto Bankruptcy/Insolvency Proceedings

fernando duzaz

Hi, saw this on the net yesterday, anyone had any dealings/thoughts on the below?

Subject: WARNING: Ryan Otto Bankruptcy/Insolvency ProceedingsFrom:

The reason we have contacted you is because since Ryan Otto delivered a one-off ‘guaranteed rent’ presentation at an event in October 2010, several landlords & investors have alerted us to numerous unpaid debts, extensive portfolio mismanagement and severe arrears in connection with Ryan Otto and his firm Guaranteed Rent Ltd.

In addition to our own legal action against him (which is being handled by Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action), very worrying financial “irregularities” have emerged about Ryan Otto and a High Court Order is being sought to close down Guaranteed Rent Ltd.

As such, we would advise CAUTION if being asked to hand over money to Ryan Otto or Guaranteed Rent Ltd (which is now trading as “Property Momentum”).

If you are owed money by Ryan Otto/Guaranteed Rent Ltd there are a number of options:

Yours sincerely,

London Property Network

Well done to Tony Chads for letting his list know! Smile